HALLO! ♪☆, welcome to SODAGIRL! i'm layla, the webmaster! this is my little place in the corner of the internet, where i hide from... uhhhhhh bronies . my site was created on 3/12/2023. however, im constantly revamping it (hence why theres like.. nothing :,( ).

( ^ω^)♪☆ SODAGIRL is a brain fart of a 13 year old girl.... thats it. ★ it's mainly a personal site to test my horrid coding on. there's not really a purpose (0_<)/★ this site is also a forever wip. i'll try to constantly update, though ♥︎

。⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠ I started this as a personal project to actually do something instead of laze around all day, so uhm. YEAH!! You can read something more in depth ab on my about me page. Heads up, I suck at coding.. even though it's been my interest for four years. I'm constantly learning, so don't expect a neat and tidy site..

feel free to look around my hell of a site. ALSO, please don't steal my code. i couldn't care less if you're just poking around it for fun. if you have any questions, feel free to ask in my CBOX!

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this site is NOT a safe place for anyone under the following;

homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, terfs, racists, sexists, bigots, people who try to convert others 2 different religions, and weirdo's in general.
If this applies to you, I kindly suggest you get off of your computer, go outside, and get a life. But hey, I can't stop you from interacting.

I rate my site PG mainly because of the fact that I will most likely talk about controversial topics in my blog-page (if i ever get to finishing it. lol). Other than that, everything here should be 100% family friendly.


to do

- finish about me
- do the rest of the site LOL
- finish lucky star, pokemon, bungo stray dogs (finish manga, watch anime) and family guy
- find more graphics
- get more figures for my figure collection :3
- get my grade up in english cus how the hell did i get a 80 for first term
- finsih gamelog & PLAY MORE INDIE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- get blade in hsr im at likke 2y39828 pity wtf
- attempt to constantly update cus..

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1/11/24 - sodagirl V3 revamp out (I KNOW MY LAST UPDATE WAS A REVAMP.. im keeping this one till febuary hopefully..). About me page is finished for now. I'll try to update more ★ Happy new year!.

11/4/2023 - added about me page, cliches, and more cool buttons :3.

9/2/2023 - Revamp! Everythings changed, sodagirl is now a blue themed site rather than a multicolor. Also changed my button.. yay! School starts in 4 days.. 8th grade, here I come (aka slower site progress UGH)

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